Precision-First Therapeutics: A Podcast with Diego Rey

In this episode, Diego Rey, Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Endpoint Health, is featured in a discussion hosted by Joshua Elkington. The podcast discusses Diego’s career – from building GeneWeave to Endpoint Health now.

“Endpoint is pioneering a new business model merging diagnostics, data, and drug development to start with patient data and back into a therapy. The company is using its platform to develop first-line medicines for indications in infectious diseases with no approved therapies and beyond. Truly, Endpoint is leading a new wave of progress within critical and chronic illnesses. A favorite quote of mine after speaking with Diego: during an acquisition, “as an entrepreneur, you do a deal like this once.” so while at GeneWeave they hired a bank to organize the entire process.”

Listen to the podcast:–Co-Founder-and-CSO-of-Endpoint-Health-e1bd5m4